NAO Gangnam Style

Finally, someone has done it. A robot dancing the famous (I don’t know why) song – Gangnam Style.


Nao Climb Spiral Stair Autonomously

It’s always wonderful to see a humanoid conquering stairs, especially autonomously. It’s not easy on larger robots but more possible with the nao. It’s all preprogrammed without feedback with ASIMO and HUBO.

It would be wonderful to see this work on larger robots. Humanoids are built to conquer the human-centric world but seem to struggle with what we deem trivial like climbing stairs.


Source – robots dreams

NAO as a Platform for Research

The JSK lab has shown that there is no limits to the use of NAO as a platform for research. It’s certainly worth looking at as a platform for research. The NAO recently had an upgrade to improve the PC that’s onboard. The cost of the platform is around 12000 EUROs.