Dancing Robot Travis

Is this a robot or a moving speaker? Travis  is an better version of the Shimi. It is able to select songs from a library based on the rhythmic input.

This is not the only dancing robot around but another way to introduce robot technology to the real work through different mediums. Speakers docks are very popular given that most people own at least 1 smart phones. This reminds me a lot of the Sony Rolly.

Musical Robot at Google I/O

Shimi is a musical robot creation by Tovbot. The robot allows you to dock your android phone and has high quality speakers to produce high fidelity sound. It’s your personal DJ, with the ability to face you wherever you are located to direct the sound towards you. It has the ability to give you alerts from your favorite social media platform if musics is not playing.

This robot is planned for launch at CES 2013. Hang in there if you want Shimi but for the time being, a sonos or Google Nexus Q might suffice!!


Source – IEEE Spectrum