HUBO 2 is for sale and Singapore has 2!

HUBO is a humanoid from Korea, specifically from KAIST. It’s one of the most advance humanoid robot for sale and it’s price tag is $400k. There are currently 6 in USA and 2 in Singapore. There are orders for 3 in Korea and China.

Professor Oh, the creator of HUBO, shared that he wants a community to develop on HUBO. It will one day be a standard robot that will be used for development in the world.

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My Robot Nation and Sensable Technologies Acquired!

There is certainly movement in the world of robotics even during economical downturn. There is certainly potential in the field of robotics.


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Briggo, Can I get a Coffee Please?

Briggo, the Baristas robot, is here to serve you any type of coffee you want. All you have to do is order the coffee from an iphone app or from their website – Briggo.

A consistent coffee every time! I love it!

Briggo :: Transforming Your Coffee Experience from Briggo Robot on Vimeo.

Source –Robot Business Trend

Hugvie – Hug your robot

Osaka University’s Professor Ishiguro is famed for creating life like robots. His latest creation is the Hugvie, a simplified version of the Telenoid. It’s an interesting that robotics applications can improve telecommunication through haptic interaction. The Hugvie is now selling at Vstone for US$60.

Source – Diginfo

Interactive Robot

This interactive robot mimics emotions and follows you using some face tracking software. This is the beginning of social interaction for a robot.


Source: Daniel Jay Bertner

Heartland Robotics – Human Collaborating with Robots

Heartland Robotics focuses on human-robot interaction in industry. Many believe that total autonomy is not going to be practical today or a few years down. We will need to work total with robots in a flexible way, in close proximity to use them effectively.


Here’s a quote from their website.

Robots will change the way we work.

They will have intelligence and awareness. They will be teachable, safe and affordable. They will make us productive in ways we never imagined.

Robots will reinvigorate industry and inject new life into the economy. Making businesses more competitive. Keeping jobs from moving overseas. Demonstrating the power of American ingenuity.

Robots will change how we think about manufacturing. And Heartland will change how we think about robots.

RedWood Robotics

Meka Robotics, Willow Garage and SRI announced a new startup — Redwood Robotics.

Meka has developed very sophisticated force controlled arms but it’s expensive and only affordable to researcher. With Redwood Robotics, Meka will be codeveloping a new generation of robot arms that are simple to program, inexpensive, and safe to operate alongside people.

Those three partners bring a lot of robotic talent to the table and a formidable competitor for Heartland.

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36 Million Faces in a Second

This camera system by Hitachi Kokusai Electric can capture, scan and recognize 36 million faces in an image in one second. This surveillance technology places it far above the competition.

Hitachi’s software is able to recognize a face with up to 30 degrees of deviation turned vertically and horizontally away from the camera, and requires faces to fill at least 40 pixels by 40 pixels for accurate recognition. Any image, whether captured on a mobile phone, handheld camera, or a video still, can be uploaded and  searched against its database for matches.

This reminds me of image scanning software used to track people in movies like “Eagle Eye”. This will enable large organisations like governments to perform large scale tracking of crowded spaces for security or marketing reasons.

facebook and use another method to collect and store a database of their own. By using crowd sourcing, they are able to more accurately identify face features on the many photos online.