Robots Participating in DARPA Robotics Challenge

Meet the robots that are participating in this challenge. It’s really pushing the participants to outdo each other. Can’t wait to see some of these robots.

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Latest Update on Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog

This is the latest update on the Big Dog or the Legged Squad Support System (LS3). Sensors and a touch screen is now mounted on the front of the robot with a rounded base to allow it to better recover from a fall or rest position. The Dog now has a LIDAR and a stereo camera that allows for betterĀ perceptionĀ of the environment and the people around it. to With the added hardware, the robot is now able to perform human following and it should be moving towards making decisions that will make it more useful than a mule. Another improvement is that the robot is now quieter than the older version. This is a really stable platform for the given environment. Kudos to Boston Dynamics.

These slides give an overview of the Big Dog.

Inflatable Robot by iRobot


The AIRarm is a robot arm developed by iRobot with funding from DARPA. It is inexpensive as compared with an arm of similar size and lightweight as well. It weighs around 1/10th of the weight of the PackBot 3’s arm. The best part is that it can be easily deflated and kept. A pump is located onboard that allows it to inflated and deflated. Despite its light weight, AIRarm is still pretty stiff once inf, and can lift up to five pounds, or possibly more depending on how much its inflated. By varying the level of inflation, it’s also possible to vary the level of compliance of the arm: this makes the arm a little bit flexible when you need it to be, which in turn makes it safer and more durable. The same construct is used to develop a six legged robot as well.









Source – IEEE Spectrum