Hugvie – Hug your robot

Osaka University’s Professor Ishiguro is famed for creating life like robots. His latest creation is the Hugvie, a simplified version of the Telenoid. It’s an interesting that robotics applications can improve telecommunication through haptic interaction. The Hugvie is now selling at Vstone for US$60.

Source – Diginfo

Interactive Robot

This interactive robot mimics emotions and follows you using some face tracking software. This is the beginning of social interaction for a robot.


Source: Daniel Jay Bertner

Building Robot Given the Lack of Technology

Robot interaction is still something unclear to us. The basic mode of communicate in a society is through speech and this is hard for a robot given the ability of current speech recognition technology and natural language understanding. If only Siri really worked for people of all nation and in every context.

Service robotics is a growing trend globally given the aging situation in developed countries. Who doesn’t want a robot in his/her home called Rosie? But the reality is that we don’t have the technology to build a Rosie yet. Given that fact, how should we instruct or interact with robots?

This article in WSJ covers this in detail.