Nao Climb Spiral Stair Autonomously

It’s always wonderful to see a humanoid conquering stairs, especially autonomously. It’s not easy on larger robots but more possible with the nao. It’s all preprogrammed without feedback with ASIMO and HUBO.

It would be wonderful to see this work on larger robots. Humanoids are built to conquer the human-centric world but seem to struggle with what we deem trivial like climbing stairs.


Source – robots dreams

Robot patented by Samsung

This is the first i have seen of a patent of an entire robot by samsung.

 The filings have a robot more directly mimicking a human walk and adjusting the scale to get the appropriate speed without the unnatural, perpetually bent gait of certain peers. To safely get from point A to point B, any path is chopped up into a series of walking motions, and the robot constantly checks against its center of gravity to stay upright as it walks uphill or down.

Source – Engadget

HUBO 2 is for sale and Singapore has 2!

HUBO is a humanoid from Korea, specifically from KAIST. It’s one of the most advance humanoid robot for sale and it’s price tag is $400k. There are currently 6 in USA and 2 in Singapore. There are orders for 3 in Korea and China.

Professor Oh, the creator of HUBO, shared that he wants a community to develop on HUBO. It will one day be a standard robot that will be used for development in the world.

Read the following article to find out more.

The Humanoid Grand Challenge [DARPA] is Finally Here!

This is a long awaited competition for robotics is here. This should hopefully drive research in this field. Many humanoids have always been showed in staged environments given the difficulties in getting them to perform in the real world.

There are many difficulties that has to be overcomed but actuator design. Dr. Gill Pratt, DARPA’s program director, is in-charge of this challenge. He is familiar with this field, given he is the inventor of the Series Elastic Actuator at MIT where he was developing robots for locomotion. He’s the right person to drive this development.

Here’s a good article about actuators used in legged robots.

There has been many advancement in using traditional electric servo motor solutions to locomotion. Petman at Boston Dynamics and DLR with their Bipedal Robot.

Robocup has a similar goal in development of humanoids as well.

By mid-21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win the soccer game, comply with the official rule of the FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup.


Link to the announcement at Hizook and Wired.

NAO as a Platform for Research

The JSK lab has shown that there is no limits to the use of NAO as a platform for research. It’s certainly worth looking at as a platform for research. The NAO recently had an upgrade to improve the PC that’s onboard. The cost of the platform is around 12000 EUROs.

HRP4 is for sale!

AIST has finally developed a robot for sale. It’s amazing that they managed to get the weight of the robot down to 39kg. It’s  6 kg lighter than the HUBO(KAIST). It’s not shown in the video that HRP4 can run, but I am sure there’s more coming.

HRP4 Awesome Humanoid Robot