36 Million Faces in a Second

This camera system by Hitachi Kokusai Electric can capture, scan and recognize 36 million faces in an image in one second. This surveillance technology places it far above the competition.

Hitachi’s software is able to recognize a face with up to 30 degrees of deviation turned vertically and horizontally away from the camera, and requires faces to fill at least 40 pixels by 40 pixels for accurate recognition. Any image, whether captured on a mobile phone, handheld camera, or a video still, can be uploaded and  searched against its database for matches.

This reminds me of image scanning software used to track people in movies like “Eagle Eye”. This will enable large organisations like governments to perform large scale tracking of crowded spaces for security or marketing reasons.

facebook and face.com use another method to collect and store a database of their own. By using crowd sourcing, they are able to more accurately identify face features on the many photos online.